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The Martinberika farmstead is located in a beautiful spot in Sakana valley, between two mountain chains (Aralar and Urbasa- Andia), surrounded by impressive mountain scenery and views.

The following nearby places of interest can be visited:

Mendukilo caves, Plazaola Nature Trail, with different routes for walking or cycling, the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar, the Dolmens route, the Oak Trees area, the Balcony of Pilatos and source of the river Urederra in Urbasa and the source of the river Larraun.

In addition, the towns and beaches of the Basque coast are only 35 minutes away along the motorway. The area is also of enormous interest for mushroom-gatherers.



We leave Hiriberri through the gas station and go up the road towards the bridge that passes over the highway in the direction of Satrústegui. Towards the middle of the cost and on the left, we take a path that passes through a small tunnel under the road from the train. We follow the path for 20 minutes, without taking any fork, until we reach the bridge over the Arakil river. We continue to Eguiarreta and when we arrive, we take the first path on the left, which skirting the town, leaves towards Hiriberri. 9 minutes we take a detour to the right that, in a small climb, goes into the forest. Immediately we find a path to the left that we take and following the orange marks, we will arrive, after going through a regatta, to a pine forest. The road crosses the pine forest and in 30 minutes we reach Hiriberri.
Difficulty: Low

Time: 1.30H.


In Hiriberri we take the road to the cemetery and head towards Ihabar. In 15 minutes we arrive at this town and we will see a fountain. The road turns 90º and crosses the town towards the Sierra de Andia.
At the exit we will go up a hill until we reach a farm where we take the path to the left and continue through here for about 20 minutes until we reach Satrústegui.
Just before entering the town there is a path to the left that, skirting the houses, leads us to the exit to the highway. We arrive at the bridge that passes over the highway and we cross it to take the road that takes us to the left. back to Hiriberri.

It is a circular route of little difficulty through the center of the valley and with very good views.

Difficulty: Low

Time: 1h.15


This route is perfectly signposted in red and white as it is the GR 20, which goes around the Sierra de Aralar.

We left Hiriberri towards the river, we crossed the bridge over the Arakil and we continued straight. After about 100 meters the path forks and we take the one on the left along which we continue until we find a wide and open path on the right hand side through which we enter the oak grove.
We follow the marks until we reach a step between the rocks. We are in the arratea or Berástegui pass from where we have beautiful views of the town and the valley.
If we leave the road, to the left we will arrive at the old deserted Berástegui, where the old hermitage is preserved.

At the end of this climb we find ourselves in a chestnut forest. We cross it following the track until we reach a point where we have 3 paths.
On one side there is a pine forest and this is where we must go.
In 10 minutes of steep ascent we reached a track. We take to the right and it takes us to the town of Madotz.

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 1h. 45 (up to Madotz)


This is a tough climb because in a short time you climb a slope of more than 1000 meters.
In any case, it is worth it because the views from above on a clear day are incredible, both towards the Sakana valley and towards the Sierra de Andía.


This climb is not as hard as the previous one, but it also has a significant unevenness, just over 700 meters.
Along the way, we will be able to appreciate some dolmens, which are signposted.
From the sanctuary the views are magnificent .
A must-see is the Sanctuary with its altarpiece, a Romanesque jewel.


Nice route that, starting from our house, will take you to Madalenaitz, from where we have
very good views of the ravine.
The part of the route that goes from the town to the Berástegi pass is done by the GR-20 and then leave this to take a path that ascends to the left.
With a distance of 11 km. and a drop of about 400 meters, it is a route that is easily done.


This is a route that complements the previous one since the first section to Madalenaitz and part of the return to the Berastegi pass follows the same route, but from here, instead of going down to Hiriberri, we take the old road to Madotz. < br /> They are 21 km. of travel and with little difficulty.


Although this route is explained from Satrustegui, it can well be done from Hiriberri, since
we have scarcely 15 minutes between the two towns.
This time we ascend towards this summit of the Sierra de Andia from where the views Both the Sakana valley and the Pamplona basin are unbeatable.
There are 13 kilometers of little difficulty.


To make this circular route, we travel with the car to the town of Madotz.
On this tour there are several important sites, the Ata valley, several dolmens, a menhir (the Roldán stone), the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar and the depopulated area of ​​Agiri.
It is a route with little difficulty and I particularly recommend it.


This is a circular route that begins and ends in the parking lot of the old Aralar guardetxe,
In 18 kilometers we will cross several of the emblematic peaks of Malloas, in a route of great beauty and with incredible views.
We can also visit several megalithic monuments, so widespread in Aralar.


Circular route from the Zamartze monastery in Huarte Arakil.
We ascend to the Sanctuary of San Miguel by the traditional route and after descending 2 km along the Lekunberri road we cross the mine path and return to Zamartze.
Route of 15 kilometers of moderate difficulty.

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