Here you will find plenty of activities and experiences of all kinds, sports, cultural, gastronomic, festive, you can perform near our house. I hope you will be helpful to make your stay at Casa Martinberika an unforgettable experience for all of you.


This greenway recovers the old route of the «Plazaola train that linked Pamplona with San Sebastian.
With a route of incomparable beauty, between oak and beech forest and surrounded by greenery, we can travel 40 kilometers between Muguiro (Navarra) and Andoain (Guipuzcoa), passing through towns such as Lekumberri, Uitzi or Leitza and crossing the old tunnels through which the train track ran.
Especially noteworthy is the Uitzi tunnel, 2.7 kilometers long.

The tour is accessible to all audiences, on foot, with saddles, wheelchair, bicycle or horse.
Motor vehicles are not allowed.
In the old Lekunberri train station, which is enabled as a tourist office, there is the possibility of renting bicycles.

There is also a free bike rental service adapted for people with reduced mobility.
Plazaola Tourist Consortium
Tel. 948507205


In the council of Astitz, in the Sierra de Aralar, surrounded by pastures and beech trees, we find the Mendukilo cave.
Entering it we will be able to discover the bowels of the karst mountain range of Aralar in a tour that will take us through several rooms where we will be able to appreciate different geological formations.
The temperature of the cave remains constant between 8-10º and in autumn-winter it has a lot of water.
You can also go caving by visiting rooms that are not open to the public.

Tel. 948 396 095


On this tour we will visit 3 Romanesque temples of great interest.

  • The first is Santiago de Itxasperri. Thirteenth century temple with ashlar stone and gabled roof. It belongs to the city council and in it, plenary sessions were held for years. It is in the term of Eguiarreta, in the Arakil town hall. Here we see a detail of one of the doors of the temple. The temple is open to worship on rare occasions, including the day of Santiago, to celebrate the day of the valley.
  • The second temple is Santa María de Zamarze, a Romanesque construction dating from 1140. It was declared a historical-artistic monument in 1983. The church is part of a group of 3 buildings. On an undetermined date, a high choir was built at the foot of the nave and the height of the church was divided into floors in that section. It is in the municipality of Huarte Arakil.
  • The third temple is the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar. With more than 1000 years of history, this Romanesque temple rises in the Sierra de Aralar, close to the top of Mount Artxueta, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Sakana valley. Inside we can appreciate the Romanesque altarpiece, a masterpiece of European enamelling.San Miguel de Aralar 


5 minutes from our house, in Izurdiaga, is FORJAS BRUN. This family has been working iron with their hands for more than 300 years, generation after generation. They have won national and international design awards. Now they have opened their doors so that all of us can see his magnificent work in a museum where some of his most important works are exhibited. You will also visit the workshop where they work and if you dare you can make a small detail of forging with your own hands. It is a worthwhile experience. Don’t miss it!


This cheese factory is located in Etxarri Larraun, in an area of ​​Navarra where grazing and the production of dairy products is deeply rooted.

They produce a cheese with the IDIAZABAL designation of origin.

Another star product is curd, a typical dessert of the entire Basque territory.

They make guided tours of the farm to learn about the process of making these products, with the possibility of buying their magnificent and delicious dairy products.


This cattle farm is in Etxeberri, 5 minutes from our house.

Guided tours are conducted to learn step by step the path of milk from origin to final consumption.

They are offered to educational centers, families, business schools, universities, institutions or public or private associations, as well as to the general public.

The visits are arranged, from Monday to Sunday, lasting 1.5 hours.

Interpretation Center


This is a latxa sheep farm, a very strong native sheep that acclimates very well to the harsh climate of Sakana.

It is led by 3 young shepherds from Arruazu and they make very interesting visits where they explain the whole process of making cheese, visiting the Sierra de Aralar where their sheep graze.

You can also buy cheese on the same farm.


In this house-museum in Eltso, in the Ultzama valley, we can learn how to make honey in its own hives, as well as its collection and decantation.

On the top floor of the farmhouse we can see an exhibition that teaches us the history of beekeeping.

You can buy products such as natural honeys of different floats, soaps, candles, etc.

Address: EZKURDI, 31799 Eltso

Telephone: 677 59 86 36


An ideal place to enjoy the horses taking a walk through the lush chestnut, oak and beech forests of the Basaburua valley.

+34  695389799

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